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Quidditch Through the Ages Review

Title: Quidditch Through the Ages | Author: J.K Rowling | Edition: Paperback |
Language: English

Rating: 5 out of 5

This is one of the books that is included in the Hogwarts library and is part of the Harry Potter World.

The book is about Quidditch the famous sports played by Wizards the book is for student purposes, so that student can research and read about how the sport was developed and how it became so popular.

The book is a quick read and is so detailed with specific dates and team names, the book also includes letters, diary entries and diagrams within it to show how the information was found about the history of Quidditch.

For a Hogwarts Library book i think it was a wonderful read to get me out of my Reading slump and reading about Quidditch and it’s history really excited me and made me wish i could play the sport loved by so many wizards world wide.

Overall i loved this book and would recommend it if you are in a reading slump or want a quick book that is set in the Wizarding World


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